Friday, April 29, 2016
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Although it is reassuring to see familiar, UK brands on sale in supermarkets or the myriad of ‘specialist’ British shops which seem to be springing up everywhere, it is generally cheaper to buy local produce.

All supermarkets offer their own branded products, which are of good quality, along with National brands. Some supermarkets sell their fruit and vegetables pre-packaged, whilst in others you select the quantity you require and they will be weighed prior to going to the till. If you prefer, there are wholesale outlets from where you can purchase good quality fruit and vegetables direct.

There is also an abundance of weekly markets offering the opportunity to purchase fruit and vegetables, a variety of meats, cheeses and olives, along with numerous household and clothing items. Shoes and other leather goods can often be picked up at very reasonable prices. Please see our list of regular local markets.

Most of the large supermarket chains are open Monday to Saturday for 12 hours each day, with only the smaller chains closing during the siesta period. Do remember though that Sunday opening is restricted to a few weeks in the summer and the run up to Christmas and is only offered by the hypermarket type establishments. Public holidays are strictly observed, regardless of the day of the week on which they fall; all supermarkets will be closed.

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