science-park-granadaGranada Province offers a wide range of things to see and do, especially when you fancy a change from the beaches of the Costa Tropical. One of these is a visit to the Parque de las Ciencias (the science park).

For an educational, yet fun day, for all the family this attraction is hard to beat. Scientific principles and phenomena are explained through the use of more than 270 fully interactive activities, which are located in and around two exhibition buildings. Other areas of interest are the Planetarium, the Tropical Butterfly House, the Observation Tower and the Astronomy Garden, all of which lead you through a fascinating scientific journey of discovery through the universe.

For an impressive view over the City of Granada, take a ride up the Observation Tower. Standing 50 metres high, the tower offers a superb view across the 30,000 m2 outside area of the museum. You may even catch sight of one of the eagles swooping around the park during the daily demonstration.

The Mental Gymnastics area allows you to play giant chess and solve baffling brain teasing puzzles; the Water and Energy section helps you to better understand the power of water; whilst the Astronomy Garden has an array of clocks, solar calendars and an interactive sundial. Get back to nature by enjoying a gentle stroll though the Botanical Walk and viewing the Olive Mill and Grove

The hands-on experience doesn’t stop outside; within the main building there are a variety of halls, each with a permanent exhibition explaining different phenomena.

The Biosphere Hall allows you to learn about human DNA, look at the geological changes of the Earth, track the appearance of life on the planet and understand the need for an ecological balance to maintain life. Eureka Hall covers physics by experimenting with electrical circuit boards, gyroscopes, and the air’s strength. Within the Perception Hall you can play with light and sound, step into a giant kaleidoscope, learn about fibre optics and convince your brain into believing what seem to be impossible phenomena. For a small, additional charge you can take a trip amongst 7000 stars reproduced in the Planetarium.

With just the permanent exhibitions, there is always plenty to keep you occupied at the Granada Science Park; however there is also the temporary exhibition site, which often houses an exhibition for several months. Previous exhibitions have included the Titanic, Dinosaurs, Poisonous Animals, and the Antarctic. For up to date information on all aspects of the Science Park, including opening hours, prices and details of temporary exhibitions follow this link.

Parque de las Ciencias
Avda. del Mediterraneo, s/n
18006 Granada
Tel: 958 131 900